Early days - 1997

Working in film production by day and signwriting by night.

This banner, commissioned by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, was almost ten metres long.

The letters were scaled up from a dry transfer lettering kit and modified into the Cyrillic alphabet.

Each letter was then drawn out and painted by hand.

More recently - 2019

Winfield House, Regents Park - official residence of the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Assisting in the repair of damage caused to a trompe l'oeil stoneblock paint effect.

A leak had allowed water to drip through the roof timbers, leaching tannins and causing dark textured streaking and staining.

This was first removed and then the stoneblock effect painted back in to match seamlessly with the surrounding paint effect.

The work was carried out quickly and discreetly on behalf of The Invisible Painter ahead of the US president's visit.